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Nick Radge – Successful Stock Trading – Review

Nick Radge - Successful Stock Trading - ReviewNick Radge is a trader from Australia with 35 years of experience. He’s been featured on many podcasts and I have studied his materials. Successful Stock Trading is an e-book published in 2012.

Some of the things I have learned from Nick:

  • Higher avg. win/loss ratio is more important than win rate. This can be done with tighter protective stops. Don’t think of the win rate, there’s much randomness in the markets and 50/50 like a coin toss is normal. Just keep winners bigger than losers.
  • Once you have an edge with net positive expectancy, the more trades you take the more profit you will generate. This is why HFT is so profitable even with a low % edge – the law of large numbers (like a casino). Mind the fees!
  • Initial risk can be lowered with low-risk and partial entries. Let’s say you enter in 4 parts, initial risk being only 1/4, when price goes in your favor by X amount you add another part and move STP to breakeven. Then use trailing STP to ride the trend.
  • You need to manage risk – both risk per trade and risk per overall account. Even 50/50 win rate can have 10 consecutive losses in a row, a coin toss will rather often produce 5 heads or tails in a row.
  • You need to develop and test a systematic trading approach with high avg. win/loss ratio, win rate around 40% is fine and then execute this system as much as possible. Mind the diversification of how many positions at a time for example.

It’s not a long e-book but covers some good insights about robust systematic trend trading.

Successful Stock Trading by Nick Radge book link

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