Is trading art or science?

I’ve been writing book reviews and less about my own trading in recent times. Though 2020 has been good to me in regard to trading, I’m not overly excited about this. It just shows my strategies have been well in sync with the market and also hard work has started to pay off. I have […]


Never throw good money after bad

It’s definitely an interesting holiday season. Bitcoin is below $4000 from the peak of almost $20k a year ago; and the US stock market is tanking. I’m sure glad to be out of Bitcoin since Dec ’17. It reminds me the saying: “It’s better to be out of a trade wishing you were in it, […]

Book Reviews

Dr. Alexander Elder – Trading for a Living – Review

I have finished the book and took a lot of notes. It seems to be a simple book to understand and covers most topics for beginning traders: mass and individual psychology, different markets and instruments to trade, charting and technical analysis, money (risk) management, record keeping etc. I like it as an introductory book to […]