All stocks are bad unless they go up in price

This is a quote from William O’Neil, a market veteran whose bestselling book I recently read. I’m going to publish a review of the book soon. But the title says it all about my approach to trading. If a stock has momentum and is going up, I want to be onboard until it lasts. I […]

Book Reviews

Van K. Tharp – Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom – Review

First edition of the book was published in 1999, this one is the second edition and was published in 2007. In a quite long foreword already there are several good points about trading. Van Tharp tells how everyone trades his or her beliefs about the market and how his beliefs have changed over the course […]


Always use the same risk size

So far no trades had kept me awake at night until this one. It wasn’t about the trade setup, news or anything on the chart.. it was about risk size. Because NFLX had a similar drop just before FB on similar reasons (less user growth) but spiked back up quickly on the same day leaving […]