How to beat the S&P 500 index with market timing

The optimistic US stock market at all-time-highs has started to concern many and I’ve been asked how one should prepare for the possible downturn. There is no single indicator nor holy grail to let us know about a bull or bear market, but I’ve found price to be the most reliable indicator when it comes […]


Is trading art or science?

I’ve been writing book reviews and less about my own trading in recent times. Though 2020 has been good to me in regard to trading, I’m not overly excited about this. It just shows my strategies have been well in sync with the market and also hard work has started to pay off. I have […]

Book Reviews

Howard Bandy – Quantitative Trading Systems – Review

Dr. Howard Bandy, the author of this book has university degrees in computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics. He is specialized in artificial intelligence and applied mathematics. He has been programming successful stock trading systems and was a senior research analyst for a CTA company. The book is about quantitative trading systems that rely on […]

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