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Jaak Roosaare – Aktsiatega Rikkaks Saamise Õpik – Review

Jaak Roosaare - Aktsiatega Rikkaks Saamise OpikThe book has been published in my native language (Estonian) only, however I still want to have it mentioned in my blog because it was the first book I read on stocks and I enjoyed it.

I read it in early 2017 before getting back to the markets. I actually read another book from the author in 2014 about personal finance, saving and investing in general, greatly enjoyed it back then. Jaak Roosaare is a well known investor, author and entrepreneur in my country and his books are very popular in the community. He is also active in sales and real estate.

So the title basically means “Textbook to get rich in stocks”, though it has been published only in my native Estonian language. To those who can read Estonian and are thinking of getting exposure in the stock market or have already made their first investments, I recommend to read this book because of the simple and straightforward approach to equities. He knows how to get the message delivered to a total beginner and make things so stupid simple that anyone could understand. Roosaare seems to lean more to value investing and is a big fan of Warren Buffett. He makes it clear in his book how compounding interest works in your favor over time and how to make use of it.

Besides plain theory, he shares some personal experience and good insights for financial life in general. It definitely got me thinking more about the stock market and after finishing the book I opened an account at a local brokerage firm.

More information on the author’s website

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