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Seppo Saario – Kuidas ma investeerin börsiaktsiatesse – Review

Seppo Saario Kuidas ma investeerin borsiaktsiatesseThis book has been published only in Finnish and Estonian, but I still want to give a brief mention about it here, as it had influence on my stock market interest. I read it in 2017 as my second book on equities.

This book by the famous Finnish investor is titled “How I invest in equities”, and to my knowledge is published in Finnish and Estonian only. Seppo Saario is a highly experienced investor and in his book he describes his approach to investing in stocks. He starts off with general statistics about stocks being the best long-term investment. He shares personal experience and knowledge on how to get first exposure in the markets; when to buy or sell; some very interesting historical data about investments; how to manage risks etc. Saario writes about what to look for in a company to get the best value, how to avoid mistakes, best practices and more.

In this book I got my first contact to technical analysis where he demonstrated a very simple and robust moving average crossover strategy. At first it seemed too easy to be true, and even now in hindsight it still does, however for longer-term investing without actively trying to time the market, this could actually help to get better entries. There’s obviously more to technical analysis but still a good start of the idea of charts.

For those who can read one of the two languages it’s published in, I recommend to read it if you want to understand how one of the most successful investors in Finland invests in equity markets.

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