There’s more to life than trading

I’m enjoying this view while writing these lines here…

I like trading because it’s challenging, intellectually educative and offers great opportunities to make money. Of course, it can also be stressful and lose money. But that’s the fun of it! It’s a highly competitive field, where the strongest survive and thrive.

Don’t be mislead by the title. I’m motivated more than ever to keep running my diversified quantitative trading system that manages risk and lets the math play out in US equities, futures and options markets. However, traders should not get obsessed with trading, but realize that there is much more to life like relationships, family and friends, sports and activities, charity and giving back, self-development, healthy habits, good food etc. I’m not saying that money isn’t important, it definitely is, but one should enjoy all parts of life besides hustling for more bank. A balanced life is much more healthy.

I’m at a stage where I’m time and location independent, so I can travel around to see the world. I think we as humans should consider life choices that enable us to really do what we like, be it whatever fulfills yourself as a person. For me, it’s currently about experiencing new places, situations and connections. For others it may be a new career or raising a family. Too often we stick to our day-to-day comfort zone and let time pass on. Time is the limited resource we can’t buy. But we can spend time in a whatever way we choose and it doesn’t have to be the way that is expected by the society. The most successful people on earth are often kind of weird in their own way and have done something different apart from the crowd.

I’m sharing some photos from Cancun, Mexico. If you want to see my future photos then follow me on Instagram:

After the couple of difficult months in the markets, I noticed yesterday that in the local currency I’ve given back 1 million pesos of open profit in the recent drawdown, lol. Later I went to a party at the nightclub Coco Bongo, where a regular entrance fee was 2600 pesos, but the show was awesome, also some drinks and snacks were included.


And the beach party next day.

To finish my thought of this post, it’s a regular grind in the markets and I can’t let it bother too much. I better have other fun activities in my free time and during the weekends. Trading-wise, I risk my profit to let it grow bigger, it works out overall but not in every single occasion. In my long-term trend portfolio, I need to let profits turn into losses if I want to make serious bank. That’s what the computer is saying. I need to tolerate equity volatility to a certain extent. It is what it is.

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